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Special 3-Nature 2 Cartridges & 2-2LB Granular Chlorine /Dichlor Shock


Nature2 Spa Mineral Sanitizer Cartridge uses patented mineral-bed technology to destroy bacteria. Its revolutionary process significantly improves the look, feel and smell of your spa water, by dramatically reducing chlorine and bromine requirements. If used with MPS, the most recommended spa oxidant, Nature2 Spa becomes a complete spa sanitizing system - the only non-chlorine spa sanitizing option available. And managing your spa is easier than ever; Nature2 Spa slips into your spa filter and lasts up to four months.


High-quality chlorine granules designed to provide a steady source of available chlorine and contol organic contaminants in your spa or hot tub water. These Dichlor granules are engineered to dissolve rapidly, ensuring a swift and efficient sanitization process for your pool or spa. HTS Turbo dichlor granular chlorine is specially formulated to be stabilized, offering protection against ultraviolet radiation from the sun. This increases the lifespan of your sanitized water and slows down the decay rate. Incorporate granulated chlorine as part of your weekly maintenance routine for optimal water care.

Spa Sanitizer Bundle (Nature 2 Mineral Sanitizer & Granular Chlorine)

$154.97 Regular Price
$139.99Sale Price
  • Spa naturally using the proven power of minerals. Nature2 Spa is a low-maintenance alternative to chlorine* that uses the antimicrobial power of minerals to give you cleaner, clearer water while providing round the clock algae control* — even when your pump is not running**. A convenient and simple sanitizing solution, Nature2 Spa drastically reduces chemical use, helping to keep pH in a neutral range and prolonging the life of your equipment. Guaranteed not to stain surfaces, Nature2 Spa installs in seconds and is easy to maintain — so you can simply sit back, relax and enjoy your spa without feeling, smelling, or being affected by harsh chemicals.

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