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Agean Shower Walls

Gloss Finish
It is a time less look that has been 
our standard product finish for years.
Very easy to maintain with no grout lines. Can be easily cleaned with a squeegee or a paste wax applied to make any water spots bead up and run off.
Matte Finish
The matte finish has become extremely popular. It still is very easy to clean. Often used when customers prefer no gloss. Often used in high traffic areas when customers are concerned about scratches.
Tile Pattern
Tile Pattern is the look of tile with the benefit of a solid material with no grout lines. It is available in 60" x 96" & 36" x 96" with a decorative tile inlay. It is available with a granite border or can be ordered with the same finish throughout the wall. For customers that do not prefer a inlay the wall is available in a 72" x 96" with no inlay.
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